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Christmas websets / Christmas background graphics

Christmas backgrounds / Christmas websets / Linkware

Regarding webset designs; as much as I absolutely adore the beautiful websets available out there from such talented web artists/designers, the problem still remains online that LOAD TIME takes too long for many people when they surf through our sites - it's a fact that many visitors leave because of this.
The latest linkware sites that I visited had a large main image (sliced up for supposed quicker loading) that was anywhere from 35-55 kb's. That's not even including the rest of the page's graphics and coding.
And for many of these unique websets, you need to know some more advanced html coding to use them ~~ not to mention the space that it takes up on your website and hardrive as you continue to add & work on your site over time.

I think there can be a happy medium; and that's to offer attractive, interesting or easier to use graphics - simple and quick loading enough to keep visitors on your site who can't or don't want to wait for those pretty pages to load up. =)

Anyways, enough of my rant. ;) Here you'll find some backgrounds or sets & set pieces; just click on the thumbnail graphic below to see the set/background(s) which will open up a new page.

**Next Christmas, I'll have lots more here and I'll have more time to polish up the sets and section for you =0).

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